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NBA Baller Beats sells 3,000 in first month

The beats are beat but the only other NBA game in town is doing quite well. Publisher Majesco's Kinect-enabled basketball-handling game NBA Baller Beats sold only 3,000 copies in the U.S. in its release month of September, the NPD industry research group told Joystiq.

The Xbox 360 game released on September 11 with its own basketball, which players could use to dribble to the beat of various songs. It's certainly an original idea, though the many potential problems in actually playing the game (tearing up thick carpet in front of your TV, losing a ball and breaking said TV, driving downstairs neighbors to Tell-Tale Heart depths of madness) might have been a limiting factor.

In other basketball gaming news, 2K Sports' NBA 2K13 sold 49 percent more in its first week than previous franchise record-holder NBA 2K11 did, IGN reports. NBA Live, its former competition from EA Sports, is taking another year off for quality concerns.

Connor Sheridan
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