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MW2 One Man Army glitch: Infinity Ward respond

You know that glitch in Modern Warfare 2 which gives you inifnite grenades (the n00b tube)? Well, if you didn't you've probably been affected by it, as displayed in the maddening video below, posted by Muzzafuza on You Tube:

Well, it looks like Infinity Ward has finally taken notice, with Robert Bowling responding to the video on his Twitter feed yesterday.

For the unfamiliar, the exploit is explained below by a forum poster:

"1. Create this class:

Gun: Any gun w/ grenade launcher

Perk 1: one man army

Perk 2: danger close

Perk 3:anything

2. Launch your 2 noob tubes (grenade launchers) and you will most likely get kills from them and then use one man army and switch to that same class you just had. You will now have your grenade launcher reloaded with 2 of them, now just keep repeating this and you will own."

The effect is that a player can hide in a corner of a map, fire grenades indiscriminately into the air and randomly hit people without ever being seen.

Adding Danger Close or its 'Pro' version, makes this even more effective as it increases splash damage by 40%.

Muzzafuzza, who describes himself as "a college student and a gamer" on his Twitter account, posted the above video to YouTube with the headline 'A message to Infinity Ward', showing what a mockery it made of the game.

It looks like it's done the job - Robert Bowling (fourzerotwo) responded yesterday with a message on his Twitter account:

@fourzerotwo I take it you saw my video? Can't wait to see some OMA changes. Thanks for listening.

@Muzzafuzza I did. I'll bring it up with MP when I'm back in the studio.

The fact Robert Bowling has agreed to at least take it up with the mulitplayer team, suggests that this 'glitch' might not be around for much longer.

Should Infinity Ward get rid of it? Or is it just another way that tactics have changed in Modern Warfare 2 mulitplayer?

Let us know what you think in the comments below, on Facebook or on Twitter.

I hate the 267.