Are the MultiVersus servers down?

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Are Multiversus servers down? The answer is currently no, but they will be soon, when the game goes temporarily offline in June 25th as part of the transition out of the beta. We'll cover that in more detail below, because it's worth being clear about, and once they're down then, they're going to be a down for a good, long while.

Online games live and die on the strength of their server status, and if the MultiVersus servers are down for you, it means you'll be incredibly limited in what you can do with the game – certainly matches with friends and strangers alike won't be an option if you can't access the servers and play as all those MultiVersus characters accordingly. If the worst has happened then here's what we currently know and what might help you get back in.

When do Multiversus servers go offline?

MultiVersus characters Black Adam

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The Multiversus servers themselves will all go down for a long stretch on June 25th, 2023. At time of writing there's no indication about exactly how long they'll be down for, but it will be minimum six months. 

This isn't a technical problem; Warner Bros is deactivating the online portion of the game while they work on transitioning Multiversus out of the beta period, using the chance to make changes, alterations and upgrades. The game will still be playable to a limited degree within that time, but not any of the online components - meaning you'll be limited to local games and the Lab until then.

Are MultiVersus servers down?


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Multiversus best perks

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If the MultiVersus Servers are down the first thing you want to do is check the MultiVersus Twitter page to see if there are any issues reported there. There are likely to be a few regular  maintenance periods while the game is still fairly new, and even when things settle down updates and new content could see the game come offline regularly for a little tidy up. If there are no reported MultiVersus server issues, double check your own internet connection and make sure the game is fully up to date by shutting it down and checking for updates. 

If all else fails, you'll just have to wait. Servers in any recent and running game are rarely down for more than 24 hours at a time (assuming it's intentional downtime for maintenance or updates) so it shouldn't take long for the issue to resolve itself and for players to be bashing Bugs Bunny and Arya Stark against each other again. If they are down for longer than that, it's very likely that Warner Bros will have an official explanation for it - all the more reason to check the Twitter page mentioned above.

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