Multiple Resident Evil announcements coming this month according to new teaser site

Resident Evil timeline - Resident Evil 8
(Image credit: Capcom)

Capcom's set up a new Resident Evil teaser site to showcase a month apparently packed with announcements for the horror franchise. 

The website was highlighted by gaming sleuth Nibel, and while it is primarily in Japanese, English-speaking fans can parse a bit from it as well. It's got nine slots for October reveals, with the first two now filled in with a bunch of gift swag and Resident Evil 4 VR details, and the next three scheduled for Thursday, October 21. Two more reveals are set for Friday, October 22, with another on Monday, October 25 and the last on Friday, October 29. 

Resident Evil 4 VR is still set to launch on Oculus Quest on October 21, so we may see more news around the latest version of Resident Evil's most-ported entry next week. Apart from that, it's anyone's guess what Capcom has up its sleeve. Judging from what's been shown so far, the remaining announcements may end up being quite small, however.

Resident Evil games have been pretty quiet lately, with the latest rumors claiming that Resident Evil 9 will have the longest development cycle of any game in the series. More noise has been coming from the film side of the franchise; just this week, we were treated to this alternate movie trailer which packs in more scares than the original. 

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