Resident Evil 9 will apparently have the longest development journey of any game in the series

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Resident Evil 9 has reportedly been in development for 2 years already.

Resident Evil 9 will have the longest development journey of any Resident Evil game according to AestheticGamer aka q Golem. The leaker with a solid track record claims that the next game in the series has been in development since 2018 as they claimed back in March. Yesterday, they said that by the time the game launches, it will have had about 6-7 years in development, which points to a potential release in 2024 or 2025.

The same leaker said that Resident Evil 7: Biohazard and Resident Evil Village are part of a trilogy that will end with Resident Evil 9. Earlier this year, Capcom confirmed that Village had already been in development for 6 months when Biohazard released in 2017. 

So the information about timelines from Golem line up with each title, Biohazard apparently began development in 2014 and launched 3 years later, and VIllage launching in 2021 points to around 4-5 years in development. So if Resident Evil 9 started development in 2018 and plans to launch 3 years after Village as Golem seems to think, it'll certainly have had a long journey.

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Capcom released Village back in May, and the game has become the fastest-selling game in the series selling over 3 million copies in 4 days with the entire franchise selling a collective 100 million units worldwide. Biohazard and Village are both created on Capcom's in-house RE Engine, and Village was correctly leaked by Golem to be the longest RE Engine game to date. It'll be interesting to see how long Resident Evil 9 is when it does eventually launch, of which Golem is confident will also be developed on the same engine.

For now, there are no official words from Capcom regarding Resident Evil 9, so it's worth taking the leaks with a grain of salt, as per usual. But we'll be sure to keep you updated for when official news does get revealed.

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