Move over Thanos, Justice League’s Steppenwolf has the best introduction in this new Justice League trailer

Worried that the Justice League doesn’t have a foe worthy enough to stand up to them? Steppenwolf says hi. Well, he actually says slightly more than that in the new Justice League international trailer and, honestly, he’s pretty darn terrifying.

There’s nothing finer than an international trailer from China and, with a few new scenes sprinkled about, there’s plenty to get you hot under the collar. Firstly, the big news: Steppenwolf speaks!

The guy looks menacing as hell, towering over a victim who pleads that “we have families.” Steppenwolf has no time for games, though, starkly responding with a cold “Why does everyone keep telling me that?”. Is it ok to root for the bad guys? Because I totally want Steppenwolf to win.

Elsewhere, Batman and Aquaman exchange a bit of banter whilst saving the world, as you do. Note to self: never bring a trident to an alien invasion, lest you be mocked by Bruce Wayne. There’s also a couple of shots that weren’t highlighted in previous trailers. Namely, Diana throwing an exploding suitcase in the air.

I’ve gotta say, after being a little sceptical before, I’m really excited for Steppenwolf now. Game of Thrones’ Ciaran Hinds looks to have nailed that imposing look and deep growl. You truly buy that he’s here to kill everything and everyone. He’s no longer Darkseid’s lapdog.

Steppenwolf won’t be around for long is this rumoured Justice League runtime is correct. He also might have some stiff opposition if reports of a seventh Justice League member rocking up ring true.

Image: DC/Warner Bros.

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