More Sonic reboots and remakes are being considered, says Sega president

Sonic running in Sonic Superstars
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Sonic fans prepare yourselves, because we could be in for more reboots and remakes. 

Sega president and chief operations officer Yukio Sugino makes the comment in a recent interview with Famitsu (translation by Dualshockers), in which he singles out the Sonic franchise as "Sega's signature IP" and says the company is "considering" a reboot or remake for the series.

Sugino explains that Sega considers developing remakes individually for each series it owns and it depends on whether the timing is "appropriate" or not, Dualshockers reports. In the case of Sonic, the upcoming Sonic Superstars sees the series return to its 2D side-scrolling roots and even has Sonic's original designer on board. "In parallel with [Sonic Superstars], we are considering reboots and remakes," Sugino says, as reported by Dualshockers.

The most recent re-release for the Sonic series was Sonic Origins in 2022, which was poorly received at launch due to numerous bugs. The collection included remasters of the first four Sonic games, and the expanded version titled Sonic Origins Plus added all 12 Sonic games released on the Game Gear.

Back in February, Sonic Frontiers director Morio Kishimoto suggested more side-scrolling Sonic games are on the way. In hindsight, it's obvious he was referring to Sonic Superstars, but could he also have been referring to some of Sonic's other 2D outings which have received less love in recent years? Or perhaps technically polished versions of the games released as part of Sonic Origins Plus? A girl can dream.

Sonic Superstars is looking promising so far and given that Sonic Frontiers "greatly exceeded" Sega's sales estimates, now would be a great opportunity to get some solid reboots or remakes of classic Sonic games out there for fans to enjoy.

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