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Moon rocks come to Merseyside

Extremely rare fragments of the moon's surface, loaned by NASA, will be part of an exhibition at Spaceport in Merseyside. The new display, entitled One Small Step, opens on Thursday 9 April and celebrates the 40th anniversary of the Moon landings.

You'll know from reading SFX that we have strong feelings about the Moon landings , and this is a real coup for the British Spaceport museum. In order to keep them preserved, the fragments of lunar rock (retrieved by an Apollo mission and encapsulated in a disk of Lucite) can only be on show for three periods of the exhibition – between 9 and 24 April, 22 May and 1 June, and 28 July and 4 September.

The rest of the exhibition will show images, film and detailed models of the landmark stages that led to the historic Moon landing on 20 July 1969. A range of displays, interactive activities, meteorites and unique space memorabilia will be brought together for the first time. The exhibition will also showcase the future of space-travel and the hope for travel to other worlds.

Spaceport, based at Seacombe Ferry Terminal, Wallasey in Wirral, is a £10m attraction covering the subjects of space and space travel. From 9 April a single entry fee grants access to the exhibition and all of Spaceport's other galleries, including its interactive exhibits, motion simulator ride and planetarium show.

Find out more about Spaceport and One Small Step by calling 0151 330 1566 or visiting .