Months before Survivor, Jedi: Fallen Order players are only just discovering they could've had more health potions

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Review
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Over three years after the launch of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and just months before its highly anticipated sequel Star Wars Jedi: Survivor hits shelves, some fans are only just realising that they could have battled their way through Cal Kestis's first adventure with a lot more healing items.

Even on its default difficulty, Jedi: Fallen Order isn't a walk in the park. Enemies are aggressive, and you can find yourself frequently dying until you learn the best way to take them down. Of course, you can vastly increase your odds of survival by gathering a sizable supply of health potions in the form of replenishable stim canisters, something which, it turns out, many players didn't do.

Over on the Fallen Order subreddit, user MemeLord0009 asks, "have I f***ed up?" and explains that a friend of theirs had six or seven health stims when they went up against Trilla while they were limited to a measly three.

Amazingly, MemeLord0009 is far from alone. In a separate post, another Fallen Order fan writes, "So you're telling me I could've had more stims this whole time?????" According to the player, they went through the whole game with just two stims, unaware that they could have more until they stumbled across a stim crate on a return trip to Bogano.

so_youre_telling_me_i_couldve_had_more_stims_this from r/FallenOrder

Then there's tactikz4, who admits to only having two stims after completing Illum and appears to be slightly concerned that they won't be able to make it to the end credits.

As other players point out, exploring off the beaten track is essential to up the number of health items you have, as is backtracking since many of them are in areas that require a specific ability to access. Sadly this knowledge has come too late for many Jedi: Fallen Order players, but at least their stories serve as a warning to leave no stone unturned when Jedi: Survivor arrives on April 28, 2023.

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