Monster Hunter Rise teams up with Sonic later this month

Sonic Colors: Rise of the wisp
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Monster Hunter Rise is getting a Sonic-themed crossover event later this month.

Just earlier today on November 17, Capcom announced that Monster Hunter Rise would be crossing over with Sega's Sonic the Hedgehog franchise in a brand new event, kicking off next week on November 26. This collaboration event takes the form of brand new cosmetic armor unlocks for the player character, your Palico, and your Palamute companions.

In short, the player can dress up to look like a weird amalgamation of Sonic and a human, while your Palico can dress up in an armor set that turns them into Sonic himself, with a special yellow variant. Finally, your Palamute will be able to don armor that makes them look kind of like Tails, if Tails suddenly had a mid-life crisis and got ripped.

The Sonic the Hedgehog collaboration might be kicking off later this month for everyone on the Nintendo Switch version of Monster Hunter Rise, but it's also coming to the PC version of Capcom's game. When Monster Hunter Rise debuts on PC on January 12, 2022, the Sonic collaboration event will be there as a day one addition to the already-massive game.

Further on into 2022, Rise players have got the forthcoming Sunbreak DLC to look forward to. Similar in scope to the huge Iceborne DLC for Monster Hunter World, this upcoming DLC pack will take our hunters to brand new lands, complete with new monsters to battle, and even a brand new hub area to call home. Sunbreak will be a simultaneous launch across both Switch and PC, so there's no worrying about one crowd of players missing out on the action.

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