Monster Hunter post-credits scene: Here’s what happens and what it means for a potential sequel

Monster Hunter post-credits scene
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Heading to the cinemas to see the Monster Hunter movie? It’s worth knowing up front: yes, there is a Monster Hunter post-credits scene, albeit a very brief one. It could have major ramifications for a sequel, too, so it might be worth sitting through unless you want to beat the traffic or navigate the popcorn-filled aisles in the dark.

Below, we’ll run through exactly what happens in the Monster Hunter post-credits scene, why it matters, and how it appears to set up Monster Hunter 2.

Warning: poilers for the Monster Hunter movie follow…

Monster Hunter post-credits scene explained

Monster Hunter movie – spoilers!

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So, the Monster Hunter ending is a complicated beast. Artemis (Milla Jovovich), the Hunter (Tony Kaa), and the Admiral (Ron Perlman) defeat the Rathalos that loomed over the Sky Tower and terrorised Artemis' world and killed dozens of soldiers. Yet, one more monster was suddenly introduced and the group leapt through the portal from ‘our’ world to the Monster Hunter world to confront it.

That’s where the movie ends, but the Monster Hunter post-credits scene gives us a tease of that epic showdown.

The trio are seen fighting the new monster – and seemingly not making a dent on its scaly body – before the cat-like Palico suddenly joins the fray, wielding a Thunder sword and leaping into battle.

Meanwhile, a mysterious hooded man is seen overlooking the scene atop a ridge. He observes the battle before walking off…

…and the credits continue. At that point, it’s your choice whether you can sit through them or head on home. Either way, that’s all there is to the Monster Hunter post-credits scene.

Monster Hunter post-credits scene: Who is the hooded man?

Monster Hunter movie Palico

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The identity of the hooded man remains a mystery – but could link to a sequel.

In the games, specifically Monster Hunter: World, there is a hooded figure called the Seeker who was part of the first wave of hunters who arrived in the land of Astera, where the monsters of the game roamed. He is dedicated to unlocking the secrets of the world, including how the Elder Crossing – the journey an Elder Dragon takes before dying – causes the creation of new worlds.

If it was a Seeker watching Artemis and company battle the new monster, that opens up an opportunity to dive deeper into the lore of the world. Previously, Artemis were told by the Admiral that an “ancient civilization” helped bridge the two worlds and built the Sky Tower.

The Seeker could be a pathway into finding out not only more about that but, potentially, more of the people who crossed over from 'our' world. We know more humans made the jump at some point in the past and the Seeker could be one of those left behind. It’s one of the questions left tantalisingly open – and could be addressed in Monster Hunter 2, if that ever comes to pass.

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