Modern Warfare Remastered's multiplayer trailer is like a nostalgia grenade going off

If you played Modern Warfare when it first came out then this video is going to bring up quite a lot of feelings. 'I used to hide there', 'that place was a nightmare to defend' etc. 

Modern Warfare more or less defined the template for multiplayer shooters we have now so this remaster is going to be an interesting experience. It's going to be amazing to go back and also to see how well it holds up. 

It's a pretty substantial return too with 10 Modern Warfare maps at launch and another 6 later as free DLC (as well as the main campaign as well obviously). There's probably a very good reason why Activision say it's only available as part of Infinite Warfare - it doesn't want to anyone comparing sales figures. Bet you anything it'll be released separately after Christmas though. 

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Leon Hurley
Senior Guides Co-ordinator

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