Modern Warfare 3 invades the Legoverse

We interrupt your cold turkey sandwiches and awkward Thanksgiving brunches to bring you a Lego-ized recreation of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 reveal trailer. Why? Because for some of us it's a holiday, and for others it's just Friday--and those are two fine reasons to slack off for a few minutes and enjoy a highly entertaining piece of fan tribute.

Lego Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 was built and directed by Alex Kobbs of Kooberz Studios. Previous toy brick recreations include a Gears of War homage, Bricks of War; and the Halo tribute, Battle of the Brick. Check out his behind-the-scenes video of this latest production for a sense of time and skill that goes into the average Kooberz Studios project. Warning: there's a good chance watching Kobbs at work will make you feel unproductive.

Modern Warfare 3 was released earlier this month, and according to Activision broke five day records for all forms of entertainment media by pulling in over $775 million in global sales. Read our review here.

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