Modern Warfare 2 raids require multiplayer challenges, Warzone 2, or DMZ play to unlock

Modern Warfare 2 raid
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The devs have revealed the details on Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 Season 1 Reloaded, and that includes some info on how to start the Modern Warfare 2 Raid.

If you've missed the previous details on Modern Warfare 2's raids, they're three-player co-op missions that tie into the game's story and offer big challenges to your teamwork, puzzle-solving, and combat skills. The first raid, Atomgrad, was revealed at The Game Awards last night, and will see Price, Farah, and Gaz infiltrating an underground - and partially underwater - enemy base.

These raids are meant to be high-end content for experienced players, and you'll have to demonstrate that competence to even get in. Raid access will be limited by raid keys, which you can earn by completing specific daily challenges in multiplayer or Spec Ops. You can also get a raid key by placing in the top 20 of a Warzone 2 match or extracting from DMZ with $30k in cash. Beat this mission, and a selection of Modern Warfare 2 Raid Rewards will be yours to claim, as long as you can beat challanges like working out the Modern Warfare 2 raid codes.

Once you've earned a raid key, you can access the raid for a week. Based on the wording of the official blog, it seems your squadmates won't have to have their own key to join in.

Raids go live on December 14 alongside the rest of Season 01 Reloaded while the new DMZ Building 21 will go live secretly at a later date. The midseason update also brings the beloved Shipment map to multiplayer, adds a Rocket League-style automotive soccer match to Warzone, and introduces the mysterious Building 21 to DMZ.

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