Misfits Series Three Interview Nathan Stewart-Jarrett

We speak to the former time-traveller about loosening up, Curtis’s new power and The New Guy on the set of Misfits series three

Ah, yes! “Kill the cheerleader save the world.”
We do save the world! But yeah, we’re killing a group of teenage cheerleaders, we have to kill them and this is the very beginning of that sequence in the script.

When we left Curtis at the end of season two he was at his lowest because he couldn’t prevent Nikki’s death, how does that affect him this series?
To be honest with you, it doesn’t really come up in the series. He starts off very sombre, but you see that unravel very early on. I think for me it’s still there, it’s an underlying factor, but it’s not that prominent in the story.

You say he “unravels”, in what way?
He goes through such a great transformation of lightening up, which has been a lot of fun, a sense of losing control and then having to lighten up, which I think is amazing fun to play. He does go through a short transition in episode two where you do see that and then that plays out for the rest of the series. That is really what happens he loses control at a certain point.

He’s always been a character burdened by the regrets of his past, is that still weighing on him?
Less regret, I think. He’s living less in the past.

That must be good for you as an actor, because we know from speaking to you in the past that you couldn’t be further from Curtis as a person.
No, not at all, but then I don’t necessarily live in the present either! But he’s not as pensive or reflective or regretful in any sense. And I think the unravelling and losing control has forced him to become a little bit more present and settled within the group. He’s still the same person, but he has become more present.

Are you happy with your new power?
I didn’t get to choose mine, or shall I say he didn’t get to choose his unlike the rest. So “happy” isn’t necessarily the right word. I think he has a lot of fun with the power, but like all of them, it has consequences.

In the past the powers were an extension of their personalities, particularly Curtis, is that still the case?
Well, I suppose to look at it like that you’d say if the powers were reflective of who they were before and they didn’t get to choose them, its still a reflection now because they choose them. If you choose something then that says something, if not more, about who you are. But like I said I didn’t choose my power.

Do you have any power envy this year? Has anyone else got a power you’d really like for yourself?
No, not at all. I think it would be quite hard to spark envy amongst our powers this year!

You’re back in the jumpsuits yet again, I’m not going to ask you how and spoil the surprise, but you were always going to get back in the orange eventually, right?
Were we? You say that, and I really wanted to, but we didn’t know for a bit!

Do you think the show would lose anything if you weren’t in the jump suits?
I think it’s an iconic image of the show, so I’m sure that we need them. Well, the series needs them. But I think it’s very important, it’s the bonding factor, the unifying factor. It’s very interesting how we come back to them.

So how long do we have to wait before you’re back in the jump suits?
There’s a bit of a pre amble, but we pretty much get straight back in them, yeah.

Has the show started treating it as a running joke – the gang constantly going back on community service?
Yes, I think it is. I mean it is funny, and it is also right in the sense that it happens. I personally find it funny and I hope people do find it funny and also happy that we are, otherwise where do we go from there? The show isn’t about college or school, it’s not about work. That’s why we’re all together.

One big talking point about this series is the fact Robert Sheehan has left and Joe Gilgun has joined the cast. How has that felt on set?
Honestly it’s been really awful, I think Joes a really bad element to the group he kind of takes over in a sense. It’s been really difficult for me... No, it’s weird because with any show you lose a cast member, there’s a visible gap, but I haven’t honestly felt it. Joe just came in and really slotted into the group. His character plays the same kind of role that Rob’s character did, and that unifies the rest of us, because this person is absolutely idiotic, and Joe plays Rudy in that same kind of way. But he is wonderful to be around, there’s a lot of energy in him, he’s a really great actor and good person.

What are the differences between Nathan and Rudy?
I think that’s Roberts character was in a sense more calculated about how he picked everyone off, he could highlight some of the weaknesses and essentially pounce on them. Rudi is less calculating than that, he’s more for want of a better word, a buffoon. A lot of things are accidental, he does tease but in a completely different way.

So does Nathan leaving the show allow Curtis to step out from his straight man role?
No! The characters are the same. Funny things happen to each one, and we react accordingly, but the functions they serve within the group are essentially the same.


The Misfits series three UK airdate is Sunday 30 October.

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