Mirror's Edge Runner's Bag Guide

Bag 22: Once on the ground (but before you get in the truck to leave) head right around the corner and you’ll pick up Bag 22.

Bag 23: After dealing with the police and the machine-gun-toting jerk on the ground level, head to the back left corner and climb a red pipe. Once up top do a quick glance around and you’ll see this bag in the distance. Simply navigate around all the ducting and make your way over to it.

Bag 24: Snipers will start taking shots at you once you’re back on the rooftops. Head right immediately and you’ll see an open door, which as you might guess, contains the next bag. It’s like Bag 6, almost totally obscured by objects and shrouded in shadows.

Bag 25: In a room you normally might rush through, but a red bag icon the board to the right means number 25 is near. And it is, mere feet away behind a stack of boxes.

Bag 26: Oh man, this room is nuts. Luckily the bag is located on the ground level and not five stories up. Upon entering the room head straight-left-ish and find a box with a tarp over it (notice the red icon as well). The bag’s up here, a few simple leaps away.

Bag 27: In ducts you have to pass through anyway. Just move straight past the red icon and you’ll see it in a dead end.

Bag 28: In the blue hallway with all the pipes. Wall run up there and snag it.

Bag 29: In the cop-filled lobby, off to the right near a red chair. Hop up the chair and boom, you’re one away from done.

Bag 30: The last bag is in the gold-colored ducts. You’ll see a hole overhead, stand up in it and wall run-turn-jump to the duct ledge for the final collectible.

Get: Packrat Achievement (80 points) or Gold Trophy

Nov 12, 2008

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