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Mirror's Edge Runner's Bag Guide

Bag 10: Drop down from a chute into this GamesRadar-colored room and find the bag resting behind a palette. Squeeze your way through the right path to continue.

Bag 11: You know those two red cranes off in the distance? Bag 11 is directly under them, practically impossible to miss.

Get: Ran Out of Fingers Achievement (30 points) or Bronze Trophy number two.

Bag 12: After the dramatic jump from one crane to the other and then to the red cushion, turn around and climb onto the nearby ladder to the second crane. You’ll find this bag up there – just don’t take too long, as the cops are right on your tail.

Bag 13: You’ll see a yellow building with a red pipe that leads down to a red door. Wall run over the gap where the pipe is and you’ll find a bag chillin’ next to an empty box.

Bag 14: Hang around the elevator shaft for a second after it falls. You’ll hear a soldier yelling that he’s found you and starts to open the door – run up the wall, take him out and grab the bag lurking in the darkness.

Bag 15: This one’s a huge pain in the ass. First you have to successfully navigate the red swing bars and make it to the ledge. If you fall, you can’t get back up and either have to restart or wait until you beat the stage and retry from checkpoint D. Once you’re across you’ll come to a gap, but don’t cross it – instead, look right for the red bag icon, grab the upper white bar next to it, look right for some text on the wall (“Calahan are you my friend?”) and pull yourself up to get the bag.

As you’ll see in the video, we had to try repeatedly before she’d actually grasp the ledge. Not sure why it didn’t work and then suddenly did.

Bag 16: In the second section of the level, over a razor wire fence in between two large white structures. Simply run up on top of the taller object outside the fence and hop over.

Bag 17: Third section of the level, on top of a tall white box near a red door. Run up the A/C unit, pull yourself up and wall run over to the bag.

Bag 18: On top of a truck you cannot miss.

Bag 19: Early on you’ll see a red zipline leading to another rooftop. Ignore it for now and hop over the grey wall onto the ducts that line the building. A few wall runs and big jumps later you’ll have your bag.

Bag 20: Inside the office in the back of the room that’s swarming with police. It’s lying on a bookshelf.

Bag 21: In the corner of the really red store room. Pass the forklift into the corner, pull yourself up and nab it. Then it’s just a matter of climbing to the top of these racks to get inside that office...