Mirror's Edge Runner's Bag Guide

Bags bags bags, it always seems like you’ve got too many bags! Runners from all over the Mirror’s Edge-verse have been stashing bags throughout their multicolored city and we’ve found ‘em all. Wanna know where they are? Read on in our video-tastic, screenshot-ific guide to all 30 hidden items, netting 130 Achievement Points (or three trophies for the PS3 players) in the process.

Bag 1: Can we say it’s impossible to miss the first bag? It’s located right in front of the highlighted hole in the wall. Easy pickins.

Bag 2: Once you’re being shot at, hang a left at the next fork in your path and look in the corner for the second bag.

Bag 3: On the rooftops underneath a large blue stairs and walkways, nestled sweetly betwixt two rooftop appliances.

Get: Bag Lady Achievement (20 points) or Bronze Trophy

Bag 4: We accidentally managed to wall run up here to get this bag, but you can also access it via the stacked boxes at its base, to the right of the red “hey a bag’s here” icon.

Bag 5: Cops will start shooting at you, forcing you to next to an orange building and then jump left onto blue stairs. Instead of those stairs, head straight and leap onto a nearby rooftop for an easy-to-spot bag.

Bag 6: Keep left during the last leg of the level (final checkpoint) and find this bag tucked in a dark corner behind a fence. It’s hard to spot, but it’s there.

Bag 7: Hang left while running through the large drains and you’ll be hard pressed to miss the red icon and corresponding bag hanging out behind a pillar.

Bag 8: Climb to the top level of the massive sewer towers, using the two red ziplines (located in the lighted area up top) as a focal point. Facing the lines, head all the way right and start moving to the back of the sewer by leaping from one section to the other. The bag is along the left wall near two snipers.

Bag 9: After ascending the huge construction hole keep heading straight and you’ll run right into this one. It’s behind a forklift in plain sight.

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