Minecraft mod makes the game look like a Pixar film

(Image credit: Mojang)

A combination of Minecraft mod turns the game into a graphical powerhouse... but it might just destroy your PC in the process.

Just yesterday on September 7, the eye-catching screenshot of Minecraft with a mod makeover appeared on the main gaming subreddit. As the caption of the post attests to, the mod the user has enabled transforms Minecraft from a blocky mass to a charmingly elegant game.

As the user reveals in the comments section of the post, they're utilizing the Devorian Steampunk Resource Pack, if you fancy giving your version of Minecraft this HD makeover. Additionally, you'll want to use Kappa Shaders, although it's not clear if the user is referring to the regular Kappa Shaders, or the KappaPT pack.

There's some debate about what sort of GPU you'd need to get these mods running at 60 frames per second in Minecraft. One user notes that you'll definitely need something more powerful than a 1080ti, while another user notes than even with an Nvidia 3080, using medium Shader packs in Minecraft reduces the frame rate to roughly 40FPS. In other words, good luck if you want to get your version of Minecraft looking like the post above while maintaining a smooth 60FPS.

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