Minecraft Dungeons is out now, watch the launch trailer before you head underground

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The Minecraft Dungeons launch trailer will pique your adventuring appetite with skeleton archers, multiplayer friendship, and loads of loot.

Microsoft and Mojang Studios put out both the trailer and the full game today, giving eager players something to watch while they wait for the files to download. Minecraft Dungeons is included with Xbox Game Pass, so if you're already subscribed, you could be playing in minutes - especially because the game will take up less than 3GB of storage space (though we have some Xbox One external hard drive recommendations if you can hardly fit anything else next to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare). Give our Minecraft Dungeon tips a read through in the meantime and you'll be all set.

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Even if you don't care to subscribe to the pass, Minecraft Dungeons' base version is available now at a relatively low price of $19.99 / £16.74. As the review from GR's Alex Avard observed, the reduced price is merited considering some of Minecraft Dungeons' beefier competition in the action RPG genre.

"As a more approachable entry point for the hack and slash genre that levels the playing field against its brawnier contemporaries, Minecraft Dungeons succeeds wholeheartedly, filling a gap in the market in a way that only a Mojang creation could. But those achievements aren't enough to avoid the sense of feeling a little shortchanged by Dungeons' light touch, with the base game only just meeting the bare minimum of what is typically expected from an action-RPG in terms of content, replay value, and player progression."

Either way, it's a fun start for Minecraft spinoff games - hopefully we have even more to look forward to with the arrival of Xbox Series X on the horizon.

Speaking of which, check out our big guide to upcoming Xbox Series X games.

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