8 Minecraft Dungeons tips to remember on your journey

minecraft dungeons tips
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Having a set of Minecraft Dungeons tips to hand can help you get to grips with this dungeon crawler, especially as the gameplay is considerably different to the original sandbox builder. There may be a lot of similarities in appearance, and all of your 'favorite' mobs such as Creepers, Zombies, Skeletons, and Spiders are there to be fought with in almost every stage, but you'll need a fresh set of tactics if you want to finish all of the levels successfully – particularly on the higher difficulty levels. If you're ready to embark on a new adventure, then here are our top Minecraft Dungeons tips.

1. Explore away from the objective indicator to find secrets and better loot

Minecraft Dungeons tips: Explore the map away from the objective

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Thanks to Minecraft Dungeons' randomly generated levels, hidden loot can be absolutely anywhere. You'll have a waypoint marker guiding you towards the current objective at all times, but in order to find secrets and extra chests, make sure you explore all possible routes before heading towards it. It's the best way to find hidden chests, loot, and more enemies to kill for XP.

2. Don't shy away from a higher difficulty because it increases the loot you'll get

Minecraft Dungeons tips: Increase the difficulty

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"Play on a harder difficulty!" is rarely a good tip, but in Minecraft Dungeons, it certainly applies. You'll have access to six difficulty levels for each mission, and the game will show you exactly what your power level is, along with what the difficulty multiplier is for each level. If you aim for a difficulty level around 1.5x, especially at the start of the game, you'll still coast through without any issues and you'll get some better loot as a reward. Not to mention more experience. The game does get slightly tougher as you progress though, so by all means lower the difficulty for some of the final missions to ensure you reach the end.

3. Enchantment points can be reclaimed, so spend them freely for better gear

Minecraft Dungeons tips: Enchantments

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Each time you level up, you'll receive one enchantment point. These can be applied to your gear for special effects and buffs, but don't worry about saving them for your best kit; whenever you salvage a piece of equipment, you'll receive some Emeralds in return, along with any enchantment points applied to it.

4.  In combat, kill Enchanters and Geomancers first

Minecraft Dungeons tips: Kill Enchanters/Enchanted Enemies

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As you progress, more enemy types will start appearing. Two especially frustrating mobs to fight are Enchanters and Geomancers. The former wears robes and can enchant its fellow mobs, making them much stronger. Thankfully, the Enchanter itself is somewhat weak, so a well-placed arrow can see them off, even if you have to dash past the other enemies to get to it.

Geomancers on the other hand can be a serious pain in the bottom because they raise pillars from the ground frequently, all whilst backing away from you. These pillars will impede your path, making you constantly change direction, and some of them will explode after a few seconds, doing damage akin to a Creeper blast. Get to these guys as quickly as you can or you're going to be in trouble.

5. Do a lap of your camp after every mission to find chests with Emeralds in

Minecraft Dungeons tips: Camp chest

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This one is simple; every time you complete a mission, a chest will spawn somewhere in your Minecraft Dungeons camp. Open it to receive 50 Emeralds!

6. Check the map for land beyond the boundaries, as it can often be a secret

Minecraft Dungeons tips: Out of map secrets

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Sometimes you'll spot some land past the apparent boundary of the level, but there won't be any obvious way to get there. Try rolling across, because it doubles as a small jump, so you may be able to reach it. And don't worry if you fall, you'll respawn nearby with only a small amount of health lost.

7. Save TNT for big groups of enemies thanks to the blast radius

Minecraft Dungeons tips: TNT goes boom

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The blast radius on TNT is absolutely massive, but unfortunately, picking one up means you can no longer use your bow. If one drops in the middle of a fight, take out all the enemies first, then pick it up and carry it with you until you come up against a huge horde. While you're carrying it though, you'll be stuck with melee attacks only! Lob it into the middle of a gaggle of mobs to deal some severe damage.

8. You'll have to replay levels to find all possible loot

Minecraft Dungeons tips: Loot

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Before you jump into each level, the preview screen will show which gear and artefacts you've already discovered from that area. Chances are, you're not going to find absolutely everything on your first playthrough, so to find all the possible loot, you're going to need to replay some levels.

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