Minecraft Dungeons camp: Every secret and thing to do at your base

Minecraft Dungeons camp
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Your Minecraft Dungeons camp serves as a base of operations during your adventures, and there are plenty of activities you can undertake while you're there, once you've completed the opening Squid Coast level of the game. These include trying out your latest build on training dummies, viewing rewards from your completed missions, and of course seeking out some secrets that are hidden within. We've got everything explained here in our complete Minecraft Dungeons camp guide, detailing everything you can do in your base and where to look to find all of the secrets.

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Minecraft Dungeons camp: Blacksmith

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First up is the Blacksmith. This fine chap is unlocked when you complete the Creeper Woods level on default difficulty and you can exchange Emeralds with him for a random piece of gear appropriate to your level.

Wandering Trader

Minecraft Dungeons camp: Wandering Trader

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Opposite him is where the Wandering Trader resides. He'll be unlocked when you complete Pumpkin Patch on default difficulty and rather than trading gear, he'll give you random artefacts in exchange for Emeralds.

Mission Select

Minecraft Dungeons camp: Mission select

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In between the two vendors is the Mission Select area, where you'll need to visit to progress with the game. Interact with it to be displayed a map of the Minecraft Dungeons world, with all the levels available to play displayed.

Training Dummies

Minecraft Dungeons camp: Training Dummies

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To the east of the main square is where you'll find two training dummies. This is where you can test out your current build, to see exactly how much damage you'll be dealing to mobs, either in melee or ranged combat. It's worth trying out different builds here before you tackle some of the harder difficulties!


Minecraft Dungeons camp: Home

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North of the training dummies is your house! Enter and go up the stairs to watch the room slowly grow with new objects as you progress through the story.

Camp Chests

Minecraft Dungeons camp: Camp chest

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Every time you complete a mission, somewhere in your camp will be a chest with 50 Emeralds in. The locations are random, so it's worth doing a quick lap of the camp every time you beat a mission to grab the extra cash.

WARNING: Spoilers below! Stop reading here if you don't want some of the endgame camp activities spoiled. If you do want to read about them, scroll on past this picture of a Minecraft house with some animals roaming outside.

Minecraft Dungeons camp

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Minecraft Dungeons camp: Drawbridge and church

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Over to the south is where you can find a drawbridge. It's raised and inaccessible until you beat the story, at which point you can get across via a different method (see the next entry) and lower the drawbridge with a lever. Inside the building is a church, but what mysteries does it hold? Read our Minecraft Dungeons secret mission guide to find out more.

Nether Portal

Minecraft Dungeons camp: Nether Portal

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When you've beaten the story, go to the north-east corner past your home to find some launch pads. Step on them and you'll be propelled to the other side of the cliff. Walk down the path to find a broken Nether Portal. What could it mean? You can hear the sound effects of the Nether when you get close, but it's inaccessible for the time being. We reckon it's planned DLC, but time will tell.

In order to reach the drawbridge and church mentioned above, go south from the Nether Portal and cut through the trees. There's a hidden path you can walk down which will bring you back around.

Secret Chest

Minecraft Dungeons camp: Secret chest

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Finally, for perhaps the biggest Minecraft Dungeons camp secret, there's a hidden chest! To access it, you need to go behind the broken Nether Portal, where you'll see a couple of trees. Go behind the closest tree to the portal and walk up the back wall. Your character will go up the ledges and into the stone indent. Keep walking up until you reach the gap that goes across the stone section you were previously in.

With a well placed roll, you can jump the gap and make it across. Keep climbing and at the top of the hill, you'll find a secret soul chest! At least, we think it's a soul chest; it seems to be made of Obsidian and has the soul icon on the front. Open it to receive some Emeralds and a random piece of gear. We got a Soul Robe, which was quite apt. We're not sure if this chest respawns or the contents replenish at any point, so it may be worth checking back to see if there's anything new there frequently.

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