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Microsoft Flight Simulator gets a VR mode in closed beta

Microsoft Flight Simulator Num Del key guide
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The development team behind Microsoft Flight Simulator are working on a virtual reality mode for the game, but they need the player bases' help to do it. 

Earlier today, a page was published on the official Microsoft Flight Simulator website announcing a VR beta. It's only a closed beta however, and it'll be split up into two phases: the first will focus on Windows Mixed Reality Devices, while the second closed beta will expand to additional VR headsets.

If you own Microsoft Flight Simulator and a Windows Mixed Reality Device, you can sign up to be part of the beta now. Signing up won't guarantee you access, and you'll need to be registered Microsoft Flight Simulator Insider to take part. You'll obviously need to meet the minimum PC requirements to run the game, and you'll need to sign a non-disclosure agreement before taking part.

There's no information in the announcement on when phase two of the closed beta will kick off, or when the entire VR beta for Flight Simulator will conclude.

Outside of a possible VR mode, there's a lot more on the horizon for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Microsoft revealed at Tokyo Game Show 2020 Online last month that Japanese locations and landmarks would be arriving in the game, and developer Asobo has committed to a decade of support for the game following its release in August.

There's also a lot of weird errors popping up in Microsoft Flight Simulator. After a mysterious skyscraper was created in a suburb through a single typo in August, there's now a huge cavernous pit in Brazil, where there absolutely shouldn't be one. It's all very strange but very entertaining.

If flying high around the world but encountering your fair share of errors while doing so, head over to our Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 issues page for a complete solution to every error.

Hirun Cryer
Hirun Cryer

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