Microsoft Flight Simulator player finds a big cavernous pit in Brazil that definitely shouldn't be there

(Image credit: u/ReversedWindow / Microsoft)

One pilot in Microsoft Flight Simulator has stumbled upon a very deep hole in the ground while flying over Brazil that's definitely not meant to be there. 

The great abyss glitch (as I'm now calling it) appears to have first been caught by a player who posted their plunge into the depths on Reddit. As spotted by Kotaku, User ReversedWindow uploaded a video showing their flight down into the strange crevasse, and things get quite weird. 

The ground is warped and stretched, as though it's being pulled down by some mysterious force. Towards the end of the footage, the plane begins to spiral and you can see the sky bend and twist to merge with the ground as the aircraft starts to glitch out down in the great pit. 

What a nice vie- from r/MicrosoftFlightSim

Since the post went up, many other players have jumped into a plane in the Flight Simulator to check out the mighty big hole for themselves. As PC Gamer points out, there appears to be an airstrip located at the bottom, but I can't imagine how you'd ever manage to execute a safe landing down there. 

Microsoft Flight Simulator's highly detailed recreation of our Earth lets you fly to real-world locations, soak up the views, and spend probably too much time trying to find your old haunts or your childhood home from the sky. 

But every now and then, players also stumble upon a memorable glitch like this great hole in the ground that seemingly takes you to a strange warped dimension. Other glitches have also come to light recently, just like the incredibly tall skyscraper that was caused by a single typo. With the whole world at your feet, who knows just what wonderfully weird glitch will appear next in the flight sim.  

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