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Micro Machines V4 review

Let's get small


  • Soooo many cars and game modes
  • The roof-mounted hammer weapon
  • Dusting opponents equals their demise


  • The jagged graphics
  • No online or game sharing
  • Series formula showing signs of age

Quick, try and think of some things that have actually benefited from being shrunken down. Computer technology and White Castle burgers come to mind. But let's not count out Micro Machines, Hot Wheels' midget brother, which has endured years of success simply by keeping it tiny. And just when you thought the property couldn't get more miniscule, here comes Micro Machines V4 on the Nintendo DS to show you just how much you can fit in your pocket.

The Micro Machine's top-down, pick up and play formula has withstood the test of time, going back as far as the NES, and V4 revels in much of the same success of its predecessors. What you get here is a heavily scaled down version of what is already available on more powerful consoles. But fear not, because outside of some slight stuttering in the motion at times, very little is lost in the translation.

More Info

DescriptionEasy to get, hard to put down. Micro Machines is one of the simplest, nuttiest racers you can find.
Franchise nameMicro Machines
UK franchise nameMicro Machines
PlatformPSP, PC, DS, PS2
US censor ratingEveryone
Release date27 June 2006 (US), 30 June 2006 (UK)