Michelle Monaghan signs up for Trucker

Hooray for indie spirit projects that feature not one, but two Total Film favourites.

Last year’s Woman Of The Year, Michelle Monaghan has signed on to star in Trucker, an indie drama from Plum Pictures that will see her playing a carefree female lorry driver who is suddenly forced to care for her estranged 11-year-old son when his father is taken seriously ill. Think Raising Helen meets Convoy.

And co-starring with her in the movie is Nathan Fillion, the former captain of Serenity and a man who deserves far more success than his films have achieved to date. Also in the cast are Joey Lauren Adams, Jimmy Bennett and Benjamin Bratt, who plays the sprog’s sick dad.

Such is Monaghan’s passion for the project that, not only is she a producer on the film, but she’s also been taking truck-driving lessons to prepare for the role. Let’s hope writer-director James Mottern appreciates her efforts. If he doesn’t he’d better watch his back crossing the road.

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