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Where to find the best Metro Exodus upgrades and gear to survive the apocalypse

best Metro Exodus upgrades and gear

Finding the best Metro Exodus upgrades and gear is going to help you survive the apocalypse. Some items can be missed completely and it's possible to see the credits roll without ever realizing you missed something crucial that would have made your life much, much easier. Something like an extended filter for your gas mask or an longer lasting battery can have a huge impact on how the game plays, so they're not things you really want to miss out on. 

Most crucial items can be found in Metro Exodus' Volga and Caspian regions at the beginning. A few vital things like night vision goggles are hard to miss, but it's not impossible. While other things can take a little tracking down. That's why you'll want this guide to help you find all the best Metro Exodus upgrades and gear.

Check out our top Metro Exodus tips in the video below:

The Volga

  1. Compass - Look for a crashed plane and you’ll find a compass that always points to your main objective in the cockpit by the pilot’s skeleton. 
  2. Ammo pouches - There’s a two floor building here with some bad guys holding prisoners. On the upper floor you can find Ammo Pouches to boost your ammo carrying capacity. 
  3. Night vision goggles - The night vision goggles you find here give you a huge stealth advantage at night. You can get them as part of the main mission to steal the railcar, or using the key you can get from rescuing the prisoners in the building where you find the Ammo Pouches above. 
  4. Extended gas mask filter - There’s a tiny shack where a researcher apparently died researching mushrooms. Bad news for him but good news for you as there’s an extended Filter here that will make your gas mask last longer. 
  5. Throwable ammo upgrade - Kill all the bandits at this gas station and you’ll find the throwing weapon harness inside, which will let you carry more knives, grenades and molotov cocktails. 
  6. Metal detector - This is a small but highly useful attachment that will help you find resources in the world. Handy if you’re always running out of ammo. It’s in a small rusty house near a crane. 
  7. Better Battery - The Charge Controller will extend your battery life. To get it you’ll have to search around a small shed to find a gas canister to power up the generator inside. That will let you open the doors in the larger building and get the attachment. 

The Caspian

  1. Night Vision Scope - You can actually grab a Night Vision Scope during the short Yamantau level before you reach Caspian. However, there’s another one here if you miss is. There’s also a Valve single column magazine that hold five rounds and a heavy stock if you want to get snipery. Just watch out for monsters and tripwire booby traps. 
  2. Motion tracker - The motion tracker a pretty useful gadget if you want to stealth your way through the game as it’ll show you the direction enemies are in. You’ll have to go in the ship and fight your way to the top where you’ll find it. Try not to hurt the slaves though. 
  3. Extra Bright Light - The extra bright light has a longer, wider brighter beam that lets you see a lot more in dark but will chew through your batteries faster. Again it’s in a booby trapped safe house so watch for tripwire grenades.
  4. Armoured Gas Mask - The canyon here doesn't show on your map but it’s easy to spot when you get close. Fight through the slavers you’ll find and a ladder will drop once they’re all taken care of. You find a cave at the top with an armoured glass upgrade for your gas mask, making it less likely to crack. 
  5. Night Vision Goggle upgrade - The NVD amplifier boosts your night vision goggles to provide a clearer image. You’ll have to deal with some guards to reach the main building and then fight through a ton of mutants but you’ll find it on the top floor.
  6. Increased consumables carrying upgrade - There’s a tiny cave here where you’ll find a consumables carrier which lets you carry more air filters and med kits. 
  7. Armoured Helmet - Fight your way through the shipwreck full of slavers (again, don’t hurt the slaves) and you a Reinforced Helmet on the first level of the main area. It’ll absorb more headshot damage which is always a good thing. 

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