Metro Exodus endings: How to get the good ending and what to look out for

The Metro Exodus good ending is technically easy to get: be nice to people wherever you can. However, the bad endings is never far away when everyone's trying to kill you and some of the people you're trying to help might not obviously deserve it. So if you want to get the right ending in Metro Exodus you might need a little help to make sure you make good choices in all the relevant situations. Which can be hard when the good choice doesn't always feel like the right one.  

To make Metro Exodus endings even harder to unravel, you won't always know your actions are being judged until after you've done something. If you hear a spooky, echoey whispering, whatever you've just done has changed the course of the game. And it's not always an obvious 'make a decision' set up - there are a few minor things you might not realize you can do, things you might not find, or even realize matter. All of which can steer the game towards a good or bad conclusion.

This Metro Exodus ending guide will be useful then, to make sure you don't accidentally make a bad call or miss something that could change things in Metro Exodus. So checkout our Metro Exodus ending guide and finish the game on your own terms.

Check out our top Metro Exodus tips in the video below:

When you're given the option to knock out or execute certain characters, always knock them out. In the same vein, always opt for a stealthy approach whenever possible to conserve ammo and prevent needless deaths. Some firefights are unavoidable, but even then you'll likely see some enemies surrender, so be sure to spare anyone who lays down their weapon. At the same time, look out for optional objectives which other members of the Aurora will ask you to investigate - finding certain objects, sparing other survivors, and so on. 

Basically, if you want to see the Metro Exodus good ending, use your best judgment and don't be a bastard. Explore the map thoroughly, and remember to ask questions first and shoot only when necessary. If you can do that, you'll go on the nice list. With that in mind, here are some examples of positive actions that you should take, as well as specific decisions to look out for. We've avoided major story spoilers here, but be warned, there are some minor area and character spoilers ahead. If you're looking for a more detailed list of secrets and optional objectives, check out our guide to all the Metro Exodus map locations.

  • Find and deliver the teddy bear and guitar in the Volga, as well as the family photo in the Caspian Sea.  
  • Check random strangers with your reticle to see if they're friendly (green or yellow reticle), and approach with your weapon holstered. This includes the acolytes in the Volga, the bartender in the Volga, and the hermit in the Caspian Sea.  
  • Don't kill the soldiers in the chapel or on the barge on the Volga. 
  • Don't kill the acolyte soldiers on the bridge when you're leaving the Volga. This also ties into Duke's fate.   
  • Don't kill the character that jumps you on the roof in in the first mission in the Caspian Sea. He’s called Saul, and if you don't kill him, you'll get access to his subquest line, as well as a better finale to the Caspian Sea.  
  • Free the slaves in the outdoor mine and the slave camp in the Caspian Sea by stealthily knocking out the slaver guards. (And, as a rule, always avoid hurting them so watch those ‘nades.) 
  • Don't kill the wounded soldiers at the Lighthouse battle in the Caspian Sea, and don't harm the slaves in the mission to steal the water tanker. 
  • Don't kill forest tribe members in the Taiga whenever possible. Most of these guys can be avoided and don't even need to be knocked out.  


*Big, BIG, bigger than that, BIG-OLD SPOILER WARNING*  

Read on if you just want to know what happens in the end. Obviously, major spoilers ahead, so stop reading now if you do plan on playing the game but haven't finished it yet.  

Metro Exodus bad ending 

In his search for medicine to cure Anna's affliction, Artyom succumbs to the heavy radiation in the Dead City. Artyom dies and the game ends with his burial. Anna lives, but she's furious with Artyom for leaving her alone.  

Metro Exodus good ending 

The heavy radiation of the Dead City leaves Artyom on the brink of death, but Colonel Miller saves him by sacrificing himself and giving Artyom their last dose of anti-rad. Miller dies, but Artyom lives to deliver the medicine, and thanks to that, Anna survives as well. The game ends with Artyom, Anna, and the other Spartans burying Miller in a gorgeous valley, which they vow to build into a home for other survivors with Artyom as their new leader.

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