Metal Gear Solid 2 intro looks superb in this Unreal Engine 5 remake

Metal Gear Solid 2
(Image credit: Erasmus Brosdau)

An MGS fan is recreating Metal Gear Solid 2's intro cinematic in Unreal Engine 5 - and it already looks superb.

Just below, you can see a tweet from German developer Erasmus Brosdau. In the brief video in the tweet, Brosdau reveals he's working on recreating the intro cinematic for Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty in real-time, entirely in Unreal Engine 5.

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In the very brief clip, we can see Solid Snake descending onto the tanker ship for the beginning sequence of the game, before Raiden enters the picture later on. The clip looks brilliant, with the rain perfectly catching in the lights of the ship at the beginning, and Snake's landing looking absolutely effortless.

And hey, it's even got a Hideo Kojima seal of approval (sort of). The original game's writer and director retweeted the clip from Brosdau through his own personal English Twitter account, promoting the recreated cinematic from Metal Gear Solid 2 to over 3.1 million followers around the world.

Apparently, this is far from the only Metal Gear Solid remake project on the horizon. According to a report late last year, a Metal Gear Solid 3 remake is being undertaken at the studio responsible for porting Dark Souls to the Nintendo Switch, and is even employing Kojima as a creative consultant on the remake. It looks like we'll be waiting for both remakes for a fair few years yet.

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