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Mega Man: Star Force [import] review

Wrap your brain around the grid system, we dare you


  • Classic Battle Network gameplay
  • Meticulous storyline
  • Very hummable music


  • Horrendous graphics
  • Same-old gameplay
  • Random battles every six seconds

With six Battle Network games already clogging up the nation%26rsquo;s GBA bargain bins, you might feel that we need to import another Mega Man -based grid battle game as much as we%26rsquo;d need to import a plate of fish and chips, or a butler named Jeeves. Aaaaand... you%26rsquo;d be mostly right. But not because Star Force isn%26rsquo;t a significant improvement over Battle Network - it%26rsquo;s more down to language barriers making this about as accessible as Wario%26rsquo;s wallet.

More Info

GenreRole Playing
DescriptionJust like the Battle Network games, only this one takes place in space and will be released in three different versions.
Franchise nameMega Man
UK franchise nameMega Man
Alternative namesMegaman Star Force