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Mega Man Contest Winners

Back during our Mega Man extravaganza, we sent our readers on a little GR scavenger hunt for Mega Man booty. Congratulations on not being idiots! We got waaay more 100% scores than we expected, so it’s a good thing we asked you to submit a Mega Man boss of your own design.

We loved your text submissions, but fashioning an image really performed wonders in appeasing our judges. But hey, at least the people who went the extra mile are getting rewarded, right?

1st Prize | Mega Man ZX, Mega Man ZX Advent, and Mega Man Star Force Leo for the Nintendo DS, Capcom Bluetooth headset, Mega Man T-Shirt, and an unbelievably awesome GamesRadar towel
Warhead Man - Twishart

After getting cruelly snubbed in ourlast contest, Twishy returned with a vengeance. Not only did he illustrate a kick-ass Mega Man boss, he scored musical accompaniment for his creation, Warhead Man. Listen!

2nd Prize | Mega Man ZX and Mega Man ZX Advent for the Nintendo DS, Mega Man T-Shirt, and an uber-chic GamesRadar body shammy (towel)
Aura Man - megaStryke

Click to enlarge

megaStryke put together a presentation so authentic for Aura Man, it looks like it could’ve come straight out of Mega Man 9.

3rd and 4th Prize | Mega Man ZX Advent for the Nintendo DS, T-shirt, and the sought after GamesRadar towel
Sprite Man - Danny B.

Danny B. threw together old sprites from ourUltimate Mega Man retrospectiveand created an abomination that would make Dr. Wily proud.

Devil Man - Stu K.

Stu K. didn’t shy away from controversy with this satanic illustration. What’s Devil Man’s weakness? The fiddle!

5th through 9th Prize
Mega Man T-Shirt and earth shatteringly bold towel
Ghast Man - Chris M.

We love MM9’s old school flava, but Chris M. hand drew what’s possibly the best reason to make a next-gen, HD Mega Man game.

Midas Man - Jadon H.
His weapon is the Fail Cannon.”

Peach Man - Alex H.
The attack is called Juice Blast. You fire a wave of Juice that makes enemies slide off the screen and die, but their power-ups, if there are any, are waiting for you. The level is a peach orchard full of enemies that look like earwigs.”
Deliciously evil.

1337 Man - John S.
His 1337 c4nn0n shoots various memes and insults... which do zero damage,
So like life...

Shank Man - Kevin D.

Robot that Wily made during one of his stays in prison. When you defeat Shank Man, you receive ‘Sharpened Comb Handle Shank.’”
His finishing move is even more traumatizing.

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