Metal Gear Madness!

We asked you to send in any visual representation of a Metal Gear performing a random act of kindness - and Hot Damn! - did you magnificent bastards come to the table! Our inboxes, as well asthe forums (opens in new tab), were flooded with adorable artistic renderings of the giant nuclear ‘bots displaying their oft-overlooked positive side. Never before have the likes of Metal Gear Rex, Ray, etc., warmed the cockles to such a degree without setting the rest of the body ablaze withmilitary-grade ammunition. (And thanks to forum memberanthonyjh63 for that spiffy Snake avatar in the top right)

Above: Metal Gear Rex plays Wii with the elderly

After providing the aboveexample, you folks took the ball and ran with it. Unfortunately, we've only got one of these things to give away. So barring any unforeseen consolation prize, we figured the next best thing we could do was to showcase your hard work for the entire world to chuckle at.

And remember: The contest isn't over for another week, so get inspired!

Above: Rex is more buoyant than he looks

Above: When not slap fighting, Snake and Ray make blazes their bitch

Above: Shagohod: The Sentient Staircar!

Above: Metal Gear Ray brushes the back drop

Above: With Rex's help, Paul is NOT dead