Mega Man Contest Winners

Honorable Mention

Poke Man - Geoffery K.
Poke Man is a shapeshifting boss who changes based on the environment. When flames come up, he is Charmeleon. When there is water, he is Squirtle. When there is plantlife growing, he is Venusaur. Pretty cool. Totally wouldn't be copyright infringement.
Now that’s a killer crossover!

Crush Man - Jason K.

He looks more like a miniboss

Soul Man - Dan S.

Not to be confused with Soooooul Man below

Or Disco Man, for that matter

Acid Man - Austin S.

One of the many, many Acid Men.

Metal Gear Man - Ryan C.

So your entry is our imagination?

Otaku Man - Davis XD

“Otaku Man was a convention maintenance robot before being turned into one of WIly's Robot Masters.”

Snot Man - Andrew S.

Can only be defeated by Tissue and Chicken Soup Barrage.

Swing Man - Jack F.

He’d probably feel more at home in the X series.

Scythe Man - Jack F.

Even his flaws are funny.

Woodsheet - Adam H.

His Man-less name is all we know about Woody here, but he looks like a festive Klansman.

Super Man - Shane Patterson

Very funny, Shane. You’re ineligible, plus, don’t you havework to do, mister?

Mirror Man - Jeffery W.

Tennis Pro gone BAD

Dragon Man - Spike W.

Dragon man is an oxymoron! Speaking of Dragon Men...

Dragon Man and Heat Cobra - Joey

Okay, these are just badass. You got robbed Joe!

Beatle Man - sweetterrys

With that spelling we thought he’d hail from Liverpool.

Weld Man - Michael S.

Because who doesn’t love a good ol’ blue collar villain?

Volcano Man - conkerfan

Volcano Man is about to burst with pyroclastic happiness.

Echo Man - Kuro N.

This guy topped his amazing drawing by making a concept sculpture.

Diamond Man - apsyd

Diamond Man is so fancy he refuses to be drawn on common paper.

Quake Man - Peter L.


Satellite Man - David J.

Looks like a Wi-Fi enabled Bubble Man

Inferno Man - Thomas F.

Well, they need at least one fire guy per Mega Man, so expect a call from Capcom.

Again, great job people. We’ll have another contest for you very soon.

Jul 25, 2008