Meet Woo Guy, the best enemy in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

From Software is known for difficult action games, but even diehard Dark Souls fans reckon Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is among the studio's toughest challenges yet. As we said in our Sekiro review, its sizzling combat system forces you to get close to your enemies and play aggressively, and close to your enemies is often the last place you want to be when your enemies are hulking demons. As if that weren't enough, Sekiro will also straight-up throw enemies at you. Like, from the sky. 

[Minor spoilers ahead]

Meet Woo Guy, a flying ninja on a mission to ruin your day. As this compilation from YouTuber SaneTBD demonstrates, Woo Guy has been terrorizing Sekiro streamers and players with commendable enthusiasm. It really is a sight to behold:

This has got to be one of the greatest ambushes in any Souls-style game, and From Software has sprung plenty of sneak attacks over the years, from the hidden snake dudes in Dark Souls' Sen's Fortress to the ghost ninjas in Dark Souls 2's Shaded Woods to basically every other enemy in Dark Souls 3. 

It's not just that Woo Guy has the best battlecry I've ever heard; it's the fact that he literally flies in out of freaking nowhere. That's the kind of over-the-top troll I'd come up with off the top of my head after getting smacked down by some of the other baddies in Sekiro. "What's next?!" I'd shout with incredulity so thick you could spread it on toast. "Flying ninjas from the sky?!" 

"Yes, actually," From Software would reply without missing a beat. "Flying ninjas from the sky. Good luck, players." 

Never change, From Software. 

We can't guarantee they'll help with flying ninjas from the sky, but we've got plenty of Sekiro tips to help you survive.  

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