Meet the Army of Two

Thursday 3 August 2006
EA has released some new shots of its tasty looking cooperative shooter, Army of Two, and has also provided some story info that gives some idea as to why, exactly, the game's destructive duo are an army of two.

Army of Two comprises of soldiers Tyson and Elliot - both ex army rangers that have since gone freelance and set up their own private military corporation. Their cosy little coalition is contracted by the US government to help it maintain its presence around the globe. Basically, they're a couple mercenaries that kill people and blow stuff up in return for money.

Set against a backdrop of global turmoil and political uncertainty, EA is promising that Army of Two will set new standards in cooperative play - Tyson and Elliot function purely as a team, so are specialists in two man missions, which can involve such enjoyable pursuits as parachuting and sniping.

Gamers will be able to control the duo by either switching between the two on the fly when playing solo or will be able to join forces with a buddy to get the full teamwork experience.

We expect loads more Army of Two details to break cover as the game nears its 2007 release for PS3 and Xbox 360. Until then, though, check out our early impressions of Army of Two to get a better idea of how the game will exploit the co-op dynamic.