Meet Atriox, leader of Halo Wars 2 enemy faction The Banished - he doesn't like you

Halo Wars 2 will give players a new enemy to fight in the form of The Banished, a faction of ex-Covenant aliens led by the Brute known as Atriox. It's been awhile since the Halo series had a real, meaty villain for fans to sink their teeth into, but judging by this trailer, he seems like a worthy foe to the UNSC:

There's some good news in the midst of this overwhelming show of force though: pre-order Halo Wars 2: Ultimate Edition and not only will you get a copy of Halo Wars: Definitive Edition, but you'll get access to it on December 20 - giving you two months to practice before Halo Wars 2 arrives in February.

Halo Wars: Definitive Edition is a remaster of the original Halo Wars, bringing it to Xbox One and PC with updated visuals, controls, and all of the DLC. It, sadly, does not have a very cool, very angry Brute with sweet face tattoos.

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Sam Prell

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