Halo Wars 2 coming February 21, 2017, beta playable today

We've known that Halo Wars - the Xbox 360 real-time strategy game set in the Halo universe - was getting an unlikely sequel, but we've got a concrete release date now. Halo Wars 2 is coming February 21 of 2017 on Xbox One and Windows 10, but you can take part in a week-long open beta right now.

Halo Wars 2 will follow the crew of the Spirit of Fire, which was the same squad from the first game, as they orbit something called The Ark. They're fighting a new faction called The Banished, and their leader is a warlord named Atriox. Not much else is known about the story, but you'll be able to experience the beta starting today, June 13, which will last through June 20.

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David Roberts
David Roberts lives in Everett, WA with his wife and two kids. He once had to sell his full copy of EarthBound (complete with box and guide) to some dude in Austria for rent money. And no, he doesn't have an amiibo 'problem', thank you very much.