Medal of Honor trailer falls from the sky

If Medal of Honor: Airborne - the latest in EA's WWII shooter series - is going to threaten Call of Duty's stranglehold on war-torn action, it has to be something special. The last few MoH games have been disappointing, but this fresh footage has convinced us that the magic is back, and with a vengeance.

As one of the US Army's paratroopers - the Airborne division of the title - you'll be starting every mission from the air. Hopefully, the rest of the Medal of Honor formula will get the same kick-start, since the battlefield action was pretty limp in the most recent PS2 outings.

On the strength of this stirring new trailer, we're expecting big things from Airborne. If the whole game can keep up this breathless intensity during the parachute insertions and the ground-based gameplay, Medal of Honor will be back in business. We're expecting the game to touchdown towards the end of the year - keep your eyes peeled for new intel before then.

May 19, 2006

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