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Mattel Reveals Star Trek Barbie Dolls

Barbie makers Mattel have been to the Star Trek well before, but now the company has decided that what the world really needs are plastic versions of Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto and Zoe Saldana from JJ Abrams’ new movie take on the franchise.

We disagree. Venomently. In fact, we'd rather the toy company left these plastic abominations in the eighties where they belong. Take a look:

Look at the little accessories! Actually, those aren't half bad.

So how do they compare to the actors from the movie. Read on...[page-break]

Kirk / Chris Pine

Kirk's doll-hair is the same quiffy look that Pine sports in the pic...

Plus the slightly blank-eyed stare is perfect![page-break]

Spock / Zachary Quinto

Spock, meanwhile looks almost more human than Quinto....

Yet disturbingly, the toy looks more like Julie Andrews in a wig than the Vulcan science officer.[page-break]

Uhura / Zoe Saldana

Finally, we have Uhura. Sassy...

...And she's got Saldana's pout down pat.

Thanks to TrekMovie for the pics.