Massive Fallout mod recruits voice talent from Baldur's Gate 3, A Plague Tale: Requiem, Final Fantasy 16, and more

Fallout London screenshot
(Image credit: Team FOLON)

Fallout London features recognizable voices from Baldur's Gate 3 and beyond.

The massive "DLC-sized" conversion mod for Fallout 4 is finally launching on April 23, which also just happens to be St. George's Day. Team Folon, the group of community developers working on the huge Fallout London mod, just released a 'Final Progress Video' earlier this week as they hunker down for launch, and you can see the full presentation just below.

Around the five minute and 30 second mark in the presentation, Fallout London's developers take a minute to put their voice talent on a pedestal. The developers say they have actors from a "wide array of backgrounds" voicing characters in Fallout London, including long-standing Bethesda community members, YouTubers, streamers, and even "actual working professionals."

One of those professionals is none other than Neil Newbon, who you've probably spent countless hours alongside when he played Astarion in Baldur's Gate 3. The actor behind Faerun's sassiest and most bloodthirsty character will be stepping into Fallout London when it launches in April, although we don't currently know what role he'll be taking on in the huge mod.

Elsewhere, Anna Demetriou is also playing a similarly unknown role in Fallout London. If you played A Plague Tale: Requiem in the English language dub, you might recognise Demitriou as the voice of Sophia, although she's had other roles in past years including Dorys in Final Fantasy 16, and lent her voice to several of the Fists in Baldur's Gate 3.

As it happens, Fallout London will launch just after the Fallout TV show, which will debut on Prime Video less than two weeks prior on April 12. 

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