Mass Effect movie comes to Comic-Con

Legendary Pictures, the film production company that brought us titles like The Dark Knight and Inception, announced their plans to reveal information for their Mass Effect movie at Comic-Con in San Diego this year. The panel, slated for July 22nd, will feature BioWare’s Casey Hudson, project manager for Mass Effect 2, and screenwriter Mark Protosevich. Protosevich previously worked on movies Thor and I Am Legend, among others.

Legendary acquired the rights to the film in May, but details have been slim since. At the time of the announcement, producers Avi and Ari Arad, currently working on the Uncharted movie, were in discussions but there has been no confirmation since.

This movie is separate from the FUNimation anime film that was announced in April.

A few of us at GamesRadar will be calibrating our schedules in hopes of attending this panel at Comic-Con. Will we see some of you there?


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