Mass Effect Legendary Edition patch notes make *that* DLC less disturbing

Mass Effect Legendary Edition photo mode
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The latest Mass Effect Legendary Edition patch notes are in, and while they're not extensive, they do cover quite a few glaring bugs. Yes, I'm talking about the eye problems.

Since Mass Effect Legendary Edition includes all three games' DLC, many players are encountering Mass Effect 2's Overlord DLC for the first time ever. Problematic representations of autism aside, there's an especially disturbing scene where a character's eyes are unintentionally incredibly red. That character in question has been held in captivity for quite some time, and it's a pretty gruesome sight when you finally discover them, but apparently BioWare didn't intend to make it that gruesome. Thankfully, those eyes have been fixed. 

The latest patch notes also improve eye animations for male characters in certain scenes in Mass Effect 1, which explains why Conrad Verner was looking at me funny the last time I was on the Citadel, right? 

There are also several bug and crash fixes, collision improvements, a de-fogging of Illium in Mass Effect 2, and other adjustments in the latest patch notes. To get a full breakdown of all the calibrations BioWare has done on Mass Effect Legendary Edition, head to the Mass Effect blog. We've also summed up the bigger changes below:

Mass Effect Legendary Edition patch notes June 7


  • Fixed issues with unlocking certain achievements and trophies, like Paramours or kill count trackers
  • Fixed pre-rendered cutscenes that were accidentally made darker in previous update
  • You can now select English spoken dialogue separately from subtitle language
  • Wireless headsets/devices won't cause issues with Xbox launcher anymore
  • Improved PC performance, including on Virmire
  • Fixed some instances of crashing

Mass Effect 1

  • Lowered the volume of Mass Relay load screens
  • Better eye animations for male characters in certain scenes
  • Players can now reach max level
  • VII Spectre - Master Gear is no longer inaccessible

Mass Effect 2

  • The fog on Illium will be less intense 
  • Fixed the unintentionally red (and creepy) eyes in the end of the Overlord DLC
  • You can now only carry over 100k credits from Mass Effect 1 to Mass Effect 2 "for more balanced early-game progression"

Mass Effect 3

  • English dialogue can now play during the Citadel DLC for German and Italian localizations
  • Key characters should now appear "as intended" during the Citadel DLC

Mass Effect Legendary Edition patch notes May 18

  • Fixed the main issue where the launcher would crash or become unresponsive on Xbox Series X when using a wireless headset.
  • Improved terrain textures in Mass Effect.
  • Fixed an issue where kills for achievements/trophies weren’t tracking correctly in Mass Effect.
  • Resolved an issue where the character code would sometimes not display in the squad menu in Mass Effect 2.
  • Improvements to pre-rendered cutscenes to reduce occasional artifacts in Mass Effect 2.
  • Improved lighting and shadows in some cinematics in Mass Effect 2.
  • Minor visual, rendering, and VFX improvements on some levels in Mass Effect 2.
  • Resolved minor text issues with achievements in Mass Effect 2.
  • Fixed an issue where kills for achievements/trophies weren’t tracking correctly in Mass Effect 3.

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