Mass Effect: Legendary Edition mod restores the original butt shots

 Mass Effect 3
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A Mass Effect: Legendary Edition mod restores the egregious shots of Miranda's butt in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, and before you start wondering about their motives, the same modder previously removed them from the original version of the game.

The Miranda Butt Shot Restoration mod (there are separate parts for the contents of Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3) does exactly what it says on the tin: it brings back the camera's fixation on Miranda Lawson's ass, which BioWare wisely removed as one of the more subtle tweaks in the newly updated version of the game. With a separate mod manager in place and the mods installed, it will be just like the old days of ogling a squadmate as they're trying to have a sincere conversation with you.

The mod was created by Scottina123, who first uploaded it earlier this month. But back in 2018, Scottina123 also uploaded the "No More Butt Shots" mod for Mass Effect 2, explaining in its description that the camera's positioning "always annoyed me" and seemed "extremely disrespectful to Miranda's character," especially considering the context of the scenes which depicted Miranda at her most vulnerable, as spotted by Polygon. So clearly Scottina123 isn't just here to look at video game asses. Instead, this latest effort implies that they feel no one should be the final arbiter on butts in art, and whatever their personal feelings on the matter are, it should ultimately be up to the viewer to decide just how cheeky these scenes remain.

I don't know if I would walk the same path as Scottina123 if I had their ability to grant butt shots with one hand and remove them with the other, but I must admit that it is a compelling message. And in any case, this may be the biggest Mass Effect news we can expect this month, since BioWare has confirmed neither Mass Effect 5 nor Dragon Age 4 will be part of EA Play Live later this month.

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