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Mass Effect 3: See a stunning teaser for Sunday's new CG trailer

On March 6, Mass Effect 3 will be loosed upon the world – an event noteworthy enough that you don't just need trailers to prepare you for it, you need trailers to prepare you for the trailers. Hence, this Sunday, a new promo spot for the game airs on AMC during The Walking Dead, and today, right this second, you can get a preview of the clip.

Savvy viewers will note the clip's resemblance to this classic political commercial, which famously did its job despite only ever airing once; it's fair to say the Mass Effect 3 “Take Earth Back” spot will run somewhat more times than that, most likely resulting in... Mass Effect being elected President? Let's not even get to speculating, then, what kind of impact will result from our livestream of the new demo – or your experience of same, what with it being available to play right now. Remember to set some time aside for zombies and the new trailer come Sunday...