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Mass Effect 2 gets downloadable "Equalizer Pack" today

Bioware’s Mass Effectwebsitehas confirmed today’s release of the Equalizer Pack, a downloadable add-on for Mass Effect 2, the epic space RPG starring the lovable/morally ambiguous Commander Shepard. The Equalizer Pack features a badass blood-red exoskeleton that augments speed called Inferno Armor, and two new helmets, called the Capacitor Helmet and Archon Visor, that increase shield regeneration and biotic recharge.

On one hand, we’re still sore that the visors and helmets stay on all the time, making certain cutscenes look more or less ridiculous. On the other hand, we really like the new gear. Considering the Equalizer Pack costs a paltry 160 Microsoft Points for Xbox 360 owners and 160 Bioware Points for PC users, feel free to indulge in this guilty pleasure purchase.

May 4, 2010