Marvel's Spider-Man 2 will feature 3 Spidey skill trees - Peter, Miles, and shared abilities

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 PS5 gameplay screenshot
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Marvel's Spider-Man 2 will have three separate skill trees, one each for Peter Parker and Miles Morales, and a third for shared abilities. 

Sony wrapped up its latest PlayStation Showcase with a look at gameplay for the much-anticipated Marvel's Spider-Man 2. We saw Peter don the iconic Symbiote Spider-Man suit, which gives him access to a ton of powerful new abilities for putting Kraven the Hunter in his place. Miles Morales is also playable and has some electrifying new tricks up his sleeve, including Thunder Burst, a mighty ground-pound, and Chain Lightning, which can shock multiple within a radius.  

In a recent post on the PlayStation Blog, Aaron Jason Espinoza, senior community manager at Insomniac Games, revealed how upgrading Peter and Miles's skills will work in the upcoming sequel. According to the developer, both characters have their own separate skill trees for abilities that are exclusive to them as well as one that they share.

"Between Peter's new Symbiote abilities and Miles' newfound blue bioelectric powers, each Spider-Man has their own unique set of skills that can be upgraded via all-new individual skills tree," Espinoza said. "Our heroes share technology and train together, too, so we also included a shared Skill Tree that offers parallel upgrades for both."

While Marvel's Spider-Man was mainly about Peter Parker, and Miles was front and centre for Spider-Man: Miles Morales, the upcoming game is very much a tale of two Spider-Men. "You'll seamlessly switch between both Spider-Men across a variety of story moments," Espinoza says. "We want players to bask in iconic team-ups elevated by our signature set-piece moments, and experience the story from the perspective of each Spider-Man."

All this emphasis on teaming up led some fans to believe that Marvel's Spider-Man 2 would be co-op, but this was never announced by Insomniac, and the developer recently took to Twitter to reiterate that the game is "an epic single-player adventure." Though that theory may have been shot down, another one has swooped in to take its place, as fans are now speculating the game could incorporate multiverse elements.

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