Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy is also coming to Switch

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy
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The Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy game has been confirmed for release on Nintendo Switch.

Initially announced during E3 2021 as a PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One and PC title, today's Nintendo E3 2021 Direct added the Switch as another supported platform. Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy is launching on all platforms on the same day: October 26, 2021.

In development at Eidos Montreal, Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy is a third-person narrative adventure with dialogue options and choices that affect the story. Though there's only one ending to the story, the decisions you make as Star-Lord will impact the way key plot points play out. Naturally, not every member of the Guardians is going to agree with how you handle things, so expect to see some friction happen due to your choices.

Despite Star-Lord being the only playable character, Eidos-Montreal is designing combat in a way that makes you feel like part of a team, as it should be with a game based on Guardians of the Galaxy. For GamesRadar's Guardians of the Galaxy hands-on preview, senior gameplay director Patrick Fortier explained to us the title's concept of "solo team play," explaining that the player character can direct each of the Guardians to use unique abilities on specific enemies in battle.

"Ultimately, you get combat that is very, very team-based," Fortier told us. "It's an ensemble thing. You see them working together as a team, as a unit, and not just like individual characters engaging in their own loop."

As the leader of the Guardians, you can call for a team huddle in the middle of battles to think out your strategy in a first-person view. In deciding how to boost your team's morale and win the fight, you'll need to think about the overall vibe and be careful about what you say. If you choose the right dialogue choices, the whole team will get a boost that accelerates cooldowns and other buffs, but if your speech is a bummer only Star-Lord will get the perks (remember, Star-Lord always makes the right decision in Star-Lord's mind).

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