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Marvel's Avengers Warzone co-op gameplay finally revealed as part of new live stream

(Image credit: Square Enix)

Marvel's Avengers (opens in new tab) has finally unveiled more gameplay from its ambitious co-op mode, Warzones, showcased as part of the upcoming action-RPG's latest War Table live stream. 

Warzones are standalone missions that exist outside of Marvel's Avengers singleplayer campaign, and can be taken on with up to three other players or customizable AI heroes for unique rewards, challenges, and story content. 

Check it out below:

"It's important for us to say that Warzones aren't just co-op, but designed for teams. So all the Warzones, you can have the team with you even if it's just you as the player with your three AI companions that are the ones you've customised," Crystal Dynamics studio head Scott Amos told GamesRadar+.

"So it's your Thor or your Hulk that you geared up or dressed up who will show up as your companions in those Warzones; you can do that, or have your friends come in and do mix and match between AI or human players. So Warzones are a big deal for us to play solo or with your human friends."

Square Enix also revealed new singleplayer campaign gameplay from Marvel's Avengers, while confirming MODOK as the main villain which Earth's Mightiest Heroes will be doing battle against later this year, when the game launches on September 4 for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Google Stadia.

Here's all the easter eggs we could find in the Marvel's Avengers video call backgrounds (opens in new tab).

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