Marvel's Avengers next update will permit players to play as the same Hero

(Image credit: Square Enix)

Marvel's Avengers will soon let players team up with the same Heroes in their fireteams.

The feature – which allowed players to play whatever heroes they want, even if that means there are three of the same character in the team – was first introduced in a time-limited event a few months back. But after The Tachyon Anomaly TLE was over, players enjoyed the experience so much that developer Crystal Dynamics is now permanently introducing the feature in an upcoming update.

The news was shared by the game's social media teams (thanks, TheGamer). 

"Due to your feedback, we’re permanently turning on the ability to play multiple of the same Hero during matchmaking and when forming Strike Teams," the team said in a blog post

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"Tachyon energy in the world has reached a level where Hero selection is always similar to the Tachyon Anomaly Event. We’ll have more information about these features later in July."

As for other changes? Patrol Mode is being moved past the War for Wakanda Expansion – more on that in a sec – and will be replaced by a "slew of new content" including Omega-Level Threat: Family Reunion and multiplayer Mega Hives.

ICYMI, as well as introducing plenty of improvements, Marvel's Avengers recent patch 1.8.0. accidentally displayed the IP addresses of PS5 players. PS5ers who'd quickly installed the new update to get going on the new Cosmic Cube Event noticed that a string of text began appearing at the bottom of the screen after the patch was initiated, and it included identifying information such as their IP addresses. After advising PlayStation 5 players not to stream or post screenshots online, developer Crystal Dynamics promptly deployed a hotfix to remedy the issue.

ICYMI, earlier this year, Crystal Dynamics revealed Black Panther: War for Wakanda, an upcoming expansion that would bring the game to the Black Panther's home nation, as well as making the hero himself playable. This is going to be the first big DLC expansion for Marvel's Avengers since it first launched last year.

We got a brand new look at the War for Wakanda expansion through a new trailer. At E3 2021, Square Enix debuted a new trailer showing the Black Panther himself fighting against the villainous Klaw, as the latter tries to bring about the ultimate destruction of Wakanda. Black Panther: War for Wakanda is launching as a free update across all platforms later this year in August 2021.

For more on what's coming next for the superhero game, head over to the full Marvel's Avengers 2021 roadmap for more.

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