Marvel's Avengers deepfake video puts Chris Evans' face back on Captain America

If you played the Marvel's Avengers beta and couldn't quite get used to all the not-quite-MCU heroes, this new deepfake video may help.

The video from BabyZone (which, as an aside, is a fantastic name for a gaming YouTube channel), uses deepfake software to transpose the cinematic faces of the Avengers onto their video game counterparts. Chris Evans once again stars as Captain America, Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man, Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow, and Mark Ruffalo as the Hulk. Their faces do, anyway, since they still sound the same as they do in the game.

Sometimes, the deepfakes are extremely convincing. They just look right, like the same heroes we've been watching in film for more than a decade have slotted naturally into this new video game universe. Other times it's uncanny, with the faces seeming somehow off-kilter; I think part of it is because Marvel's Avengers isn't quite photorealistic, but the MCU faces are, which gives them an odd discrepancy in detail versus the rest of the scene.

The scenes with Ms. Marvel, who doesn't have an MCU counterpart (yet) and thus still appears as her game version, let you compare the standard game faces and the deepfake tech back-to-back. It's pretty impressive overall. It also makes me want to watch that new Marvel TV show Disney Plus has coming for Kamala Khan.

The Marvel's Avengers beta was played by about 5 million people, and I wonder how many of them would play in MCU deepfake mode if they could... 

Connor Sheridan

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